Install Instructions - Electric

Fitting Instructions

Please read and follow instructions carefully to ensure the Vogue towel dryer is properly attached to the wall and floor (depending on model). Failure to follow these steps could result in problems.

The Vogue electric towel dryer is designed and constructed to give you dry and warm towels throughout the year. The towel dryer is a fully sealed unit filled with a water and ethylene glycol mix and is supplied complete ready to install (fig1&2). The towel dryer is powered by a UL approved electric element rated to IP55, for use on a 110/120Volt AC 50/60Hz single phase GFCI protected electrical supply. The Vogue towel dryer can be run constantly without interruption however please allow 30/45mins from switching on to warm up to its full potential. We recommend using the supplied timer to improve running efficiency and environmental impact.


The towel dryer is not intended as a room heater but can be used as supplementary heat source in a bathroom/en suite/restroom/washroom or lavatory. The surface temperature runs at approximately 120 deg. F which is the temperature zone at which mould and mildew are killed off; thereby keeping your towels fresher for longer. Please note, theface temperature will fluctuate depending on the amount of towels you are drying and also the ambient conditions.

Fig .1 (Contemporary wire shroud)
Fig .2 (Traditional wire shroud)


All electrical connections must be carried out by a licensed electrician in accordance with National and local area codes.

Prior to Installation

Please ensure the wall and floor (depending on model) are suitable for installation and has there been sufficient support added where needed also that the surface has been checked for buried electrical conduit, water and gas pipes that could be damaged during installation.

Carefully remove packaging and check the Vogue towel dryer for damage or missing parts.

Position towel dryer and ensure that there will be no installation issues and there is sufficient room to accommodate the electrical connection. Ensure also that work area is clear and tidy.


(Please note that these are generic instructions for the installation so if necessary, please refer to those which are specific to your chosen model)

- Carefully unpack the Vogue towel dryer.
- Posistion the towel dryer to the proposed location for mounting.
- Mark out all drill holes once the towel dryer is in posi tion and square.
- Drill screw holes using suitable drill bit for wall con struction and insert wall plugs/anchors.
- Screw into place towel dryer brackets/radiator brackets or base plates.
- Mount towel dryer onto its mounting posts/compo nents.
- Locate the field wiring box, mark out position to wall then fit the “box” as necessary (rough in drawings are available, please contact the office(fig.3)).



Once the position of the towel dryer and the electrical connection have been established please ensure that these necessary precautions have been taken:

  • Turn off the electricity supply at the mains panel before proceeding further.
  • The supply to the towel dryer must be protected by a GFCI 15 to 20 Amp fuse.
  • The towel dryer’s integral brass cover should align accurately with the electric box.
  • Wire connections from the towel dryer are as follows:
    • Black wire (Hot)
    • White wire (Neutral)
    • Green wire (Ground)
  • Within the field wiring box there are two close loop terminals (fig.4) the green wire from the
    element and supply (Ground) must to be connect ed as indicated (fig.5).
  • The hot and neutral leads from the element should be connected to the corresponding supply leads via a suitably sized UL listed wire nut.
  • Secure all connections and the field wiring box into place.
Fig. 4
Fig. 5

Fig. 6

The towel dryer is now operational. Switch the power back on at the main panel.
We highly recommend that the towel dryer is installed with the timer supplied.


From time to time it is advisable to your towel dryer to maintain its pristine finish. Do not use any abrasive or chlorine based cleaners on the towel dryer. A mild detergent (eg; a weak dish soap mix), used with a soft damp cloth and then a soft dry cloth, will restore the towel dryer to its original lustre. Please make certain the towel dryer is switched off and cool when cleaning.


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