Custom Configurator

Custom Configurator

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From our English and European Classics you can customise your very own towel warmer. Hand made to order, choose your style, size and finish. Our simple to use configurator allows you to decide and view before you buy.

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European Classics

The Europeans have their own ideas on good design! Many modern British interiors have taken inspiration from the design houses of Italy and France. The Vogue UK European Classics use this often simple and effortless style to great effect.

There are 10 customizable towel warmer designs that are crafted by our artisans in quality materials. EUC1 to EUC4 are made using brass which can be finished to match your faucets and shower, or as a contrast to create a statement. EUC5 to EUC9 models are fabricated using high grade stainless steel. These towel warmers can be polished or brushed to match other hardware within your bathroom interiors. EUC10 is affectionately known as a ‘Horse Design’. This early form of towel hanging frame has been brought back to life by Vogue UK to be heated and modern looking.

Subtle design features like mitred and rounded corners are precisely engineered to give our European designs a minimal look. Please try customizing your own designs to add sophisticated heat to your washrooms.

Custom Configurator

English Classics

The English Classic products below are all customizable. You can create your own towel warmer with the ideal size, format and finish for your interiors.

ENC1 to ENC7 are ball jointed designs. This look is traditional to the English Country House of yesteryear. The first ball jointed models that were created for wealthy British Houses can be traced back to 1909, where brass and copper were brazed to give an attractive tubular radiator. Vogue UK uses the same manufacturing methods today, using brass components that are fashioned and finished by hand. These days we can apply surface finishes to your towel warmer that will match your faucets. Nickel, Brass and Chrome are the more traditional finishes, however the traditional look of product, presented in a more modern finish can create real impact. Oil Rubbed Bronze and Matt Black are both used by the best faucet makers, so we have these finishes to match. ENC3 to ENC6 have column radiators surrounded by a tubular frame. The column radiator is synonymous with country houses and old school buildings. This nostalgic feature sits well with ball jointed products and adds a concentrated heat source at the centre of each design.

ENC8 and ENC9 are Art Deco inspired designs they hark back to the flapper days of the roaring 20’s in North American cities. This style made it back to Britain and we still enjoy its simple geometry today.

If you have an historical building or simply wish to mix the old with the new, English Classic designs might be for you.

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Our Artisan team can create for you, your most desirable design. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on our website, please talk to us. Possibilities are literally endless!

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